Tattoos personifies who you are and what you think. It gives designs to your thoughts.
That’s exactly what we do at Inkholics. We translate your thoughts into designs.
Inkholics is a tattoo studio based in Vashi, Navi Mumbai (yes, yes, the Bandra of Navi Mumbai) and we specialize in 3D tattoos, tribal tattoos, calligraphy, portrait and much more.

It was started in 2003 by Ketan Saindane aka Ketology, at a time when getting a tattoo was a relatively new concept.

In these two decades, we have seen different type of people visiting our studio.
From college going kids who saved their pocket money for months to get a tattoo, to madly in love couple and even serious professionals like doctors and lawyers whom we may never imagine having a tattoo and so many more.

Some have clear thoughts about what they want, while some come with a vague idea and an open mind for experimentation.

From memories, abstract designs, spirituality, to unexplainable emotions, we have translated all that into designs for our clients. In our 15 years of journey, we have not made clients; we have made friends who probably trust us with their fears, inhibitions, and stories more than they trust their close ones. That’s the magic of tattoo. It sets you free!

So, if you have a design in mind or not, don’t worry. Just come to our studio, and we will figure it out together!

What’s special about Inkholics?

We Listen

When you come to Inkholics, you are free to ask us anything related to tattoos. You will receive answers for the most basic question about the tattoo process or a question that requires expertise in tattoos. We have done thorough research and applied it in our field to provide you with answers. We do not let anyone go out with an iota of doubt.

We Customize

People are different, so should their tattoos be. We have multiple award-winning artists, and each of them was selected carefully according to their specialization. There cannot be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach with tattoos. That’s why we assign an artist according to the design type. This helps the designer and the client to bond and explore the journey together.

We Care

We care for your tattoo hence we expect a genuine follow up from you until it heals completely.

Our Process

Ok, let's go step-by-step on the process we follow:


The Brainstorming Session

When you come to Inkholics, be prepared for an extensive brainstorming session. You might already have a design in mind or perhaps not. But that doesn’t matter. Because we are anyway going to ask you, questions just to confirm that you know what you are going for and it is not a decision taken at a spur of the moment. Unfortunately, tattoos can’t be undone with control +z or erased with a backspace button. So, we ensure that you have thought through it before coming to us. We also have a documented checklist that indicates if tattoos are for you or if you must avoid them. That makes it simpler for you to decide if it’s apt for you.


Finalize the design

Ok, so we know you are ready for a tattoo. Now, it’s time to discuss the tattoo design. If you already have a design in mind, then that’s great. We will ask our tattoo artist to work on it! But, if you are ready to explore and experiment with the design, then it’s a journey we will chart together. From sending you samples on your preferred mode of communication to researching on the design that expresses your thoughts, we will help you decide on the right design.
Psst…we also give you homework to do. You have to spend half an hour every day before you sleep on thinking and researching on ideas. We want you to think and sleep through the design. Sure, we can show you a design book and get the best one made. But, that’s not going to bring out your personality or your thoughts out in the open.
There will be no pressure to choose the design right away! Remember, the tattoo is going to be a part of you. So, you have to think through it. Once the design is finalized, we enter the third step.


Decide where you want your tattoo to be made

This depends upon the design and its size. If it’s a simple, straightforward design, then you can get it tattooed anywhere you want. If it requires a large surface, then we will decide an area accordingly.
We will help you choose an appropriate justified size for your tattoo and a placement that looks aesthetical and visually appealing.


The initial run

To ensure that the design is as per your expectation, we do an initial run by transferring the design on your skin through stencils. This will help us gauge if the design looks good or if it requires tweaks. Once the initial run is approved, we will head to the final run.


The final run

We have specialists for each type of tattoo, so if you want a calligraphy tattoo, we have an artist who is a master in it. If you want a portrait, we will assign you an artist who excels in it. Each of our artist are expert in their own genre. We assign them work according to their expertise. Your tattoo is done with an utmost care using sterile equipment and in an extremely hygienic environment.


The post-tattoo bonding

Remember what we said before? Our clients become our friends through the process of finalizing the design. So we are not going to leave you in the lurch, allowing you to figure out your tattoo after care on your own. We will check on you from the time you get tattooed till the time the tattoo is healed completely. We will ask you to share images of the tattoo area and monitor your healing process continuously to ensure that you don’t experience any problems. We will not hesitate to flag a red signal if we find something wrong in the healing process so you can take timely precautions to avoid any repercussions. Any kind of retouching, additions to the design or issues caused due to lack of after-care will be charged extra.

Creative Space

We also share our studio space for all tattoo artists who are freelancers And Guest artists bcoz we understand sharing is caring.

Art Course

Our Art Course consists of the basic science behind the art and a big bag of tips and tricks of how to exploit the medium using pencils, charcoal, pen, poster colors, oils-n-acrylic colors, and many more.

Tattoo Learning Course

Tattooing is an amalgamation of science and art. So, while you need to have a strong hold on drawing and art concepts, you also need to know a certain level of science to understand the human body, the skin type, and the process of injecting the needles. If you harbor an interest in learning tattoo making, you can enroll in our 2-month course where we will teach you the end-to-end process of tattoo designing backed with proven theories and practical sessions. Inkholics is one of the first professionally recognized and multiple-award winning tattoo studios in Navi Mumbai. So, you know, you are in for some rock solid gyaan about tattooing. The course is open for all, so if you are new to Mumbai and unable to find a decent accommodation, then don’t worry, we will try to find one for you. However, please remember, we will be charging extra for the arrangements and it will be purely based on availability. So, you need to factor that in while attending the course. The highlight of the course is you can use our equipment’s to get a hang of how it works. This will help you to create your own kit after the course completion.

Junk Jewellery

A piercing without Jewellery is incomplete. Inkholics offers you the choicest junk Jewellery to adorn your piercings. Junk Jewellery adds a raw edge to your personality.


Piercing involves pricking a part of the body that requires piercing and inserting the Jewellery into it. You could get a piercing done in any part of the body – nose, ears, navel, eyebrows, etc. You name it, we do it. We follow a clinical way of piercing, so you do not have to worry about the after-effects of the piercing process.

Tattoo Modifications

Didn’t like the tattoo that you got made elsewhere or want the existing design to be modified? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Inkholics specializes in modifying the existing tattoos according to your ideas and the feasibility of the design. So, the next time, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about the design went wrong! You can flaunt it, the way you want it!


We believe that our body is a canvas and there can be no better place to give our thoughts a form. So, unchain your thoughts and set them free. Tell us what kind of designs you are looking at to adorn your body, and we will get it done for you. The process will be a long-drawn one, but I am sure you will enjoy the experience of seeing your body turning into a canvas of beautiful art.

Tattoo Consultation

Getting a tattoo is a major decision as you will be making a few changes in the superficial layer of your skin. So, it’s important that you understand the process and brainstorm the right design for your tattoo. Tattoo consultation is not an option at Inkholics; it is a mandatory part of the process.